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Business Grade PCs, Laptops and Tablets

If you need Machines for your business or just need to upgrade what you have, we can design the perfect office equipment to help your business work faster and more efficient! Our technicians will source the most reliable and affordable hardware and software, build your new office machines, set up your workspaces and get it ready for you to start work.

We can set your office up for success with business grade desktops, laptops and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets that are the right fit for your business. Plus, the systems we sell are ones we would use ourselves and stand by any recommendations we make. We know what we have had to fix often and what works well and would never recommend anything that we know we’d have to repair often.

One of our technicians could also transfer all data from your old machines to your new machines, bring your machines to your office and get them all working smoothly on your networks for you, giving you less downtime and getting you back to work quickly.

New Options

At Flatline we provide transparent advice when you’re looking at buying new machines for your business. We won’t recommend something we wouldn’t use, and we also wouldn’t recommend something that you don’t need. We believe in getting the right machine for your situation.

Different companies have different needs and different employees often do too. There’s no point in selling you a high-powered graphics heavy computer when your main use is online software and emails, and there is no point in your business purchasing an entry level machine when you have demanding programs you need to run. 

We can also make sure that your machines are backwards compatible with any old accessories you have in your office, will work with your existing printers and peripherals but also take the newest technology when you need to upgrade.

We have brands we prefer to sell as we know they are reliable, last longer than most and are easier to repair if something does go wrong. We also know which brands we repair often, and which are the hardest to get parts for so you’re less likely to end up with a lemon!

We’re now a Microsoft Surface Partner so can source you the best tablets for businesses that work seamlessly with the Microsoft Products we provide. 


A high-quality refurbished laptop or desktop machine can run as a good-as-new device, especially after our technicians have given them an overhaul! We disassemble each laptop and desktop machine to check for damaged components, test the functions of the battery, screen, power supply, and connections.

We inspect the entire machine and faulty or missing parts, like the RAM, or hard disks, are then replaced. If the machines come with older style Hard Disks, we replace them with brand new SSD’s and we completely wipe each machine back to factory settings and give it a fresh Windows or Chrome installation.

We only buy the highest grade available, and make sure they are models that we know will stand the test of time. If saving is a priority a refurbished machine is definitely a good way to go, we even use them as office machines at some of the desks in our own office so we have proved to ourselves that they can stand up to some pretty hard work.

All of our refurbished machines come with a 12-month hardware warranty, the same warranty you’ll get when buying a new machine from the major chains.

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What People Are Saying

As a current client of Flatline Computers, we engage them for advice, consultation  and implementation of all our IT and  telephony services.  They always exceed our expectations.   Being one of the largest companies in the area doesn’t take away from their prompt and professional service. 

They have an excellent reputation with our 3rd party suppliers and are known for their ability to identify and solve problems at the highest technical levels and go the extra distance whether working out of hours and on call.  We always  trust their recommendations and  they  know how to optimize purchasing solutions for all our IT requirements.

I would absolutely recommend Flatline to anyone.

Tara Watkins

Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants