Microsoft Office 365

Why use Microsoft 365?

Using your time and effort efficiently is so important for all businesses and being able to work with your team and your clients seamlessly makes any job, project, or transaction more effective. Microsoft Office Software enables staff to do their jobs more easily – and from anywhere – also allowing your staff to work remotely when needed.

It is also fully modular, meaning we can get it set up so you only pay for what you need, and we can upgrade, downgrade, add or remove subscriptions when your business needs change.

Office 365’s software includes all the products we know and love, Outlook, Word & Excel, plus SharePoint for filesharing and cloud storage and Teams for collaboration and more. Plus, it was built and added to so that all its features and software complement each other, and work together seamlessly. It’s a game changer for most businesses and we think it’s a must-have for any business.

Talk to Daniel our in-house Microsoft Specialist, he can answer any of your questions and help with your switch to Microsoft 365 for Business.

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Why use 365 Email?

We recommend Microsoft 365 Exchange Email as it comes with plenty of storage, effective spam filtering, and a fast, productive interface that has stood the test of time.

Not only is it an effective email system but by having email addresses that match your company name and website helps your clients to find you in their own address books and may even influence their decision to use your company. looks like a more legitimate company than, Which would you trust more? It might not be much of a difference, but all of the little one’s count! 

Talk to one of our technicians Wayne or Daniel to find out more about what we can offer to help your business communicate today!

Microsoft’s Cloud Storage

There is nothing more painful than losing a machine and all the documents on it. Having a secure place to keep copies of these vital working documents is a must to keep data loss to a minimum within your business.

Whether you’re backing up to an external hard drive, putting copies of your important files in USB flash drives, or even backing up to a file server located in your home or office, there’s still a single point of failure. Yes, that backup protects you if one of your machines die, or if your external hard drives fail. But those backups won’t protect you from unnecessary data loss in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster strikes.

Let us be your Second line of Defence! Flatline can set you up with our offsite file backups and get you started with OneDrive for your staff and SharePoint for your organisation.

Today it is even more beneficial as having a Cloud storage system provides the added benefits of allowing your staff to access all the documents, they need to be able to continue working from home when needed.

Microsoft 365 Options

Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Web Versions of Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint plus desktop version of Teams, Exchange Email address, 1TB OneDrive and 1TB SharePoint Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Desktop Versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Teams, Exchange Email address, 1TB OneDrive and 1TB SharePoint Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 Apps
Desktop Versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online
Exchange Email with Online Outlook



What People Are Saying

As a current client of Flatline Computers, we engage them for advice, consultation  and implementation of all our IT and  telephony services.  They always exceed our expectations.   Being one of the largest companies in the area doesn’t take away from their prompt and professional service. 

They have an excellent reputation with our 3rd party suppliers and are known for their ability to identify and solve problems at the highest technical levels and go the extra distance whether working out of hours and on call.  We always  trust their recommendations and  they  know how to optimize purchasing solutions for all our IT requirements.

I would absolutely recommend Flatline to anyone.

Tara Watkins

Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants

Awesome company, Daniel is great. Really knows his stuff. I have never felt so comfortable knowing that our IT and managed security is in such safer hands. Thanks so much guys for always being so helpful 😊 even in lockdown Daniel has been reached very easily. Thanks team 😊

Chanelle James

Creative Director, Diverse Graphics