Home Installations

Get your computer set up first time

So, you’ve just bought your new computer or printers for your home office and don’t have the time to set it all up or where to start? Let us get you set up right the first time.

Sometimes figuring out where everything needs to go or what software to install can be time consuming, not to mention Brain-draining! We can get your printers, computers, tablets, and other devices hooked up to your internet and talking to each other if needed.

Our technicians can transfer any of your data from your old machine to your new computer for you and can come round to set your new gear up at your place. They’ll have it ready for you to just sit down and begin your work without any fuss.

Let us know what needs setting up, and where you need it, and we can sort out a time to come out and get it all going for you!


What People Are Saying

Having been a client of Flatline Computers for almost 5 years for website building and maintenance, I was very impressed with their professional service. I recently took the plunge and booked a home visit with their technical support person to sort out some accumulative computer problems I had. These included slow internet, wireless printing, add blocking, general clean-ups on my laptops, tablet, phone and smart TV.

Daniel arrived on time, was courteous and fixed all the problems that were fixable. He also provided excellent advice on issues that could only be fixed with new equipment.

All my devices are now working together and the two hours Daniel spent with me has saved me countless hours of frustration.

I am happy to recommend his services to anyone.

Peter Bergman

Owner/Aviation Specialist, Pilot Petes RC and Model Shop

A few months ago my computer did something weird. It just deleted all the photos of my most precious folder, the photos of my little girl Chloe. All of them gone.

I took the computer into Daniel at Flatline and he fixed it straight away. So happy to get those photos back!

Mark Eagle

Home User