PC Servicing

Why give your machine a birthday clean up?

Just like a car, it is important to annually service your computer to ensure the safety of your data.

If you have noticed your computer running slower than usual, freezing, getting noisy or just doing strange things, then it is time to have a clean-up. It is our job – just like a car mechanic – to check from top to bottom the hardware and software in your computer to make sure it is running at optimal performance to avoid the loss of all your data or time!

Dust inside your computer can mean your machine can overheat and cause damage, so we give the inside a major clean out so your computer can breathe easy, and with so many viruses and types of spyware on the internet, we make sure your antivirus software is up to date, and all your temporary internet files are cleared. We also check that Windows is fully up to date with the latest service packs which patch up important security risks in the operating system, improving performance and making your computer run smoother.

Let us get your machine running smoothly again today!


What People Are Saying

Awesome company, Daniel is great. Really knows his stuff. I have never felt so comfortable knowing that our IT and managed security is in such safer hands. Thanks so much guys for always being so helpful 😊 even in lockdown Daniel has been reached very easily. Thanks team 😊

Chanelle James

Creative Director, Diverse Graphics

A few months ago my computer did something weird. It just deleted all the photos of my most precious folder, the photos of my little girl Chloe. All of them gone.

I took the computer into Daniel at Flatline and he fixed it straight away. So happy to get those photos back!

Mark Eagle

Announcer, SunFM 106.5