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If you want a new PC or laptop let us find the machine that will work best for you. We may even have a Refurbished Machine in-stock that will be perfect for your needs, saving your pocket and the environment from more e-waste at the same time.

Let us know a bit about what you use your computers for and we can work out whether you need a beast of a machine for gaming or graphic demanding programs, a middle of the road machine for general computing and kids homework, or a lightweight speedy machine for email and internet browsing. 

Our technicians Wayne and Daniel only recommend the best, machines that will last, wont need to be repaired often and in the event they do we know we can source parts for.

Plus if you need something purpose built they’ll source the most reliable and affordable hardware and software, build your new machine and get it ready for you to pick up, plug in and use.

Get in contact with us now to discuss your computer needs!

Refurbished Machines

A high-quality refurbished laptop can run as a good-as-new device, especially after the boys have given them an overhaul. Wayne and Daniel disassemble each laptop to check for damaged components, testing the functions of the battery, screen, power supply, and connections.

They inspect the entire machine and faulty or missing parts, like the RAM, or hard disks, are then replaced. If the machines come with older style Hard Disks we replace them with brand new SSD’s and completely wipe the machine back to factory settings and give it a fresh Windows or Chrome installation.

If saving is a priority a refurbished machine is definitely a better option than buying a used machine that hasn’t been tested as thoroughly to ensure that you’re getting a laptop that’s free of hardware and software issues.

Plus all of our refurbished machines come with a 12 month hardware warranty, the same warranty you’ll get when buying a new machine from the major chains!


What People Are Saying

Wayne was very thorough and professional. He was very helpful and patient, especially with following through with my son’s list of instructions, to set up my new Laptop, modem and internet access, and my questions.

June Reid

Home User