VoIP Phone Systems

Why switch to VoIP?

If you’re looking for a complete, customized business phone solution, we can replace your old phones and start saving you money every month. A VoIP phone system allows you to communicate using computers and mobile devices over the Internet. We can set up your telephone services using your high-speed internet connection, removing the need for a traditional phone line service and the traditional prices that come with it!

No matter what size or type of business you run, we can implement and manage your phone system. From Small and Home Office businesses right through to Multi-location corporations and Call centres, Flatline can upgrade your system, giving you greater flexibility and functionality.

At Flatline we understand modern VoIP telephone systems and how they can be used to help you collaborate with your team and clients better. We can help you ensure your computers, mobile devices, and VoIP business phones will work together seamlessly and we’ll ensure your system is set up correctly, so you get the most from it, and so it is tailored to the way you do business.

Once you’re all set up you know you can give us a call and talk to the technician that knows your system, that we’ll provide support for any problems you have and are here to answer any questions you have about your system.


The cost of using VoIP is much cheaper than using conventional phone systems as there are no extra charges for extra lines and or add-ons like call waiting, transferring calls and call redirection.


With VoIP no matter where you are traveling to, if you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can make and receive phone calls to and from your same number.


VoIP systems can be configured to receive your calls on multiple devices, have multiple calls at once, make conference calls and transfer calls around your office easily.


Not only does VoIP have the full features of a conventional phone line VoIP also allows you to conduct video conferences through your VoIP system so you can attend important meetings in the home office when unable to be there.

Company Image

You can use VoIP services to easily send a message about your company’s identity. Showcasing the higher level of service many associate with a smaller firm, or the professional big corporate image for those who prefer to deal with “Big-Business”.

Target clientelle

VoIP Phone systems can be set up with call priorities, so calls are taken in the order you wish them to be. Are there certain categories of clients or requests that you want to prioritize above others?

Yealink Hardware

As usual for Flatline we’ve tried multiple brands and have found the phones we like, they’re reliable, hardy, and work when you need them to. The Yealink brand is one we trust.

Their phones are enterprise-grade IP phones but don’t come with the big-ticket price. With brilliant voice quality and efficient and accurate calling features they’re the best we’ve come across. Plus, they provide business phone solutions in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, so it’s not just Flatline that trusts them!

We can provide traditional desk phones, fully cordless options, and a mixture of the two to suit how your employees prefer to work. Our systems plus Yealink Phones allow us to tailor your phone system to your specific business needs, plus the whole system is scalable, which means we can add additional phones when needed.

Contact us and ask for Wayne our VoIP phone specialist! 


What People Are Saying

As a current client of Flatline Computers, we engage them for advice, consultation  and implementation of all our IT and  telephony services.  They always exceed our expectations.   Being one of the largest companies in the area doesn’t take away from their prompt and professional service. 

They have an excellent reputation with our 3rd party suppliers and are known for their ability to identify and solve problems at the highest technical levels and go the extra distance whether working out of hours and on call.  We always  trust their recommendations and  they  know how to optimize purchasing solutions for all our IT requirements.

I would absolutely recommend Flatline to anyone.

Tara Watkins

Goldsmiths Chartered Accountants